Ukraine Wife: What Makes Her a Cooking Queen?

It is a well-known fact that Ukraine is a country rich in traditions. A lesser-known truth is that, it is also known for its mouth-watering cuisine specialities. Ukrainian wives are an amazing cook and they certainly don’t believe in following recipes. They cook food wholeheartedly, and the results are always deliciously finger-licking stuff.

The reason why they are such great cooks is , the girls are taught how to prepare food at an initial age, when they stay with their grandma’s at home and help them with their daily chores. Step by step, they learn how to add ingredients, how to mix the spices, etc. When they grow up, they simply calculate the right amount to be added for cooking a stew or boiling time for a soup.

Most of the Ukrainian cuisines are influenced by their neighbouring country, Russia. The Russians use a lot of meat products, especially pork. They also use fruits and vegetables for a nice presentation. Mushrooms play an important role in their cooking as it is used quite frequently.

An easy Russian salad,  which is almost known to everyone in the world, is amazingly prepared by Ukrainian Wives. Their simple touch and added seasonings while cooking, makes the dish stand out. Russian salad primarily consists of various boiled vegetables, blended with mayonnaise and ham. This is another great Ukrainian addition to the world  cuisine, and you must not forget to ask your Ukrainian wife to prepare one of those famous and delectable salads for you.

Let’s just suppose you have a Ukrainian wife. You will be spared from having a regular bread with peanut butter, infact, you will really have a nice restaurant at home, because they are undeniably some of the best cooks in the whole universe. They can prepare something tasty even from “nothing” .  If a Ukrainian woman invites closed ones for a party, she will stay up all the night before the celebration preparing for the party. So, make sure that everything is done in a professional way and doesn’t let her guest’s down.

Last but not the least, Ukrainian wives are great at preparing desserts too. Pampushki is rather a famous fried sweet dough, with little holes inside. They are quite similar to doughnuts, but are filled with various home-made cheese or jams. You are sure to get amazed how tasty the Ukrainian cuisine is.

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So, don’t be afraid to try anything new. Ukrainian wives will make sure to win your heart by feeding you with great food.

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