Know About A Ukrainian Marriage

Like any other country in the world where marriage is considered a sacred thing, Ukraine is no different. In fact, Ukraine is a country that has a rich antiquity amid which a huge mixture of traditions and rituals advanced, along with Ukraine’s marriage customs.

There are women in many countries which greatly devalue marriage customs and do not wish to marry anymore or enjoy wedding traditions.

In contrast, women from Ukraine are very traditional and take every single marriage ceremony seriously. It can be said that marriage is their prerogative. Additionally Ukrainian women are extremely homey and take their married life very seriously.

Do you yearn to marry a Ukrainian Lady? Learn about their wedding traditions

Well, if you have decided to wed a Ukrainian girl, then you should be ready to witness various wedding ceremonies. Though you will have options on what customs and traditions, you wish to hold and the type of celebration you want. Apart from certain ceremonies at the State Registry Office, you have an option to go for a cathedral wedding ceremony too.

Ukrainians often follow the rule of keeping wedding traditions even during the formal ceremony in Registry office. Other than swapping rings and gulping champagne, the newlyweds may be conferred a round loaf of white bread and salt. Then, they take a small portion of bread, duck it in the salt, and eat it and afterwards crush the loaf on the ground. The more pieces they crush on the floor, the better it is. In fact this ritual is a sign of happy married life.

While returning, the couple are also given a beautifully decorated towel. Both of them have to step on it, and the one who steps on it first will be the leading person of the house.

The marriage celebrations also consist of inviting myriad guests and organize a big table loaded with drinks and foods. The Ukrainian weddings are said to be jam-packed and boisterous.

Another common marriage tradition is to steal the bride or her footwear. The groom and his best man have to pay the ransom to get back his bride. The prize can be paid in the form of money or can be paid by performing funny gigs or sipping vodka or champagne from the bride’s shoe.

These are small and the most common customs of Ukrainian wedding. And if, you want to marry a girl from Ukraine, prepare yourself to respect your would-be relatives by accompanying them in keeping these traditions.

Few Tips on dating Ukrainian girls for marriage:

Once you have decided to marry a Ukrainian woman, you have to keep the following things in mind while dating.

1. Try to be in contact with one Ukraine girl for marriage . Once you register on the Ukrainian dating site, never send messages to many girls. Take your own time to find the girl who really matches your interest before you proceed to contact her. While chattingwith  a Ukrainian girl, always discuss about simple things such as goals, her interests, career, etc, before getting into a serious relationship.

2. Be confident and humorous. Girls find men appealing who are oozed with confidence and good humor.

3. Dress up smartly as Ukrainian women are known to be very fashionable, highly-literate and are in good physical shape. You have to make sure to look very smart.

4. Never hide crucial facts such as your corresponding with other women simultaneously. This is certainly the case if you’re planning a trip and wish to meet all the girls at the same time. If the girl learns it later, she might feel like a pawn in your game. So be decent and genuine.

5.  While dating Ukrainian girl, you should give  a thought to how often she writes to you and how quickly she answers your letters. What she mentions about her is critical too, as that will reveal how interested she is, in you.  If she writes general details about her then you should continue with her through emails and letters, but if she begs you to come to meet her immediately, then there has to be something fishy.

Try to accept the things to which destiny binds you, and show fondness to the people in your life with whom fate ties you together, but do every little thing with all your heart and soul. Only, then as they say marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, will hold the meaning of marriage in the true sense.

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