About Me
I am Natalia, I am a matchmaker and I run this website. I grew up in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine where I earned a bachelor's degree in Business Management. As I am a very social person and easy to talk to, I decided to start ukraine-matchmaker.com because I have a positive spiritual approach to life and I believe I can make many things possible.

Since I started this website I have initiated many introductions and succeeded in many marriages.
I am enjoying a good reputation and I am committed to keeping it this way.

Personal Involvement
I provide a very personalized service , all the consultations are conducted by myself. I compile a profile with my client, this is where I give the time to listen to my client, to establish an understanding, to interact, to discuss in a free flowing conversation any perceptions that my client may have about how he views himself and about the girl he wishes to meet.
Personal Involvement
I am committed to providing the very best professional service and advice. My ability, experience and sincerity ensure that I am very aware of my clients' needs and requirements. After each introduction or match, I listen to comments from both parties. This feedback enables me to effectively coach and help in future dating situations in order to help my client meet the right person for a long lasting relationship.
Support all the way
Throughout the dating process, I work attentively to explore your values, expectations and desires. Even after a successful match is established, I am available to offer guidance and support. My personal involvement throughout every step is the key to finding your perfect partner.
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